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Product Information

Materials & Manufacturing Standards

Fabelli prides itself as innovators in design and versatility. We understand the need for diversity and options when it comes to choosing the right style at the perfect price point, for the perfect application. Therefore we offer a vast array of fabrics to our dealers in Similpelle (faux leather), Vinpelle, genuine leather and premium products for contract and hospitality. Our case goods are manufactured, utilizing the latest cutting and lacquering machinery available in the industry. The high quality construction and workmanship will be found in every piece, no matter what product you chose. Remember our motto; nothing less than perfection!

Case Goods

Our case goods are manufactured 100% in Italy with various wood products, featuring laminates, wood veneers and high gloss lacquer. Fabelli sets itself apart when it comes to lacquer goods. The latest technology is used to apply and cure our lacquer furniture that are made at in a highly sophisticated Italian factory that is fully automated, leaving no roFabelli Made in Italyom for errors. In fact, the lacquering process is so advanced that the quality control is verified through computer analysis after human inspection.


All of our wood and/or lacquer beds are manufactured 100% in Italy, featuring laminates, wood veneers and high gloss lacquer, just like our case goods. Our beds consist either of 100% Italian leather, vinpelle, similpelle or imported fabrics. Unlike case goods that are manufactured almost exclusively through automation, beds are mostly hand made. While the majority of the component parts originate in Italy, final assembly of our beds usually takes place in Serbia or Bosnia Herzegovina. Our upholstery beds are all made with platforms, therefore no box-springs are required. Due to the construction of these beds specifically as platform beds, box-spring cannot be installed in the beds.

Fabric Grades

  • Basic– Standard Similpelle
  • Mid-Range – Vinpelle and premium Similpelle for Hospitality & Contract
  • Premium– 100% Genuine Leather (European hides only)

Genuine Leather

Standard Leather: We utilize 100% genuine leather from European cow hides only! Grains are embossed for consistency and all leathers are tested for uniformity. When purchasing a leather bed, we utilize the same type of leather on the headboard, rails and foot-board. Keep in mind that leather is a natural product and even though we use embossed leather, the actual feel from one part of the bed may have slight variations to another part as no leather hide is the same.


Vinpelle is a uniquely enhanced leather product that can be considered as an excellent substitute for top grain leather, having the same “feel” and “appearance” as top grain leather. These characteristics are derived by utilizing split hides, at times regenerated hides, and applying compounds to enhance the product’s texture and subtleness. Vinpelle is comprised of up to 58% genuine leather and finds its roots in Italy.

Vinpelle Specifications

All genuine leather hides get split!
Splitting – Prior to production, the hide is cut into horizontal pieces in a layered fashion. Each layer comprises of top layers and the split regions. The thick surface area on top of the corium is considered full grain, the thinner split below that retains part of the actual grain is called top grain and below, the “split” which starts right at the junction of the grain and corium. Thus, the split grains are 100% genuine leather. However, they do not necessarily exhibit the characters of a top grain or full grain leather.

During each split, the color is light and fuzzy on the top and bottom regions of the hide, similar to the color seen in leather furniture. The top grain looks rich and has a smooth feel, due to the color differences present in the hide, giving it a natural shade.

lrsthrt hide

The capability of hides to withstand dyes are dependent on the thickness of the hide and vary based on the hides. Once the dye is complete, the leather would have natural pebbling, which arises due to the bumps present on the cows from which the hide was extracted.

As the split is considered to be the inner region, it does not have the same look and feel of top-grain leather, and it is subject to various processes to resemble top-grain leather. After all the processes are complete, the split resembles 100% natural leather, and it does not consist pebbles or natural color variations due to the passage of split grain leather through a uniform screen. Also, as a result of the processes a hide is subject to, the natural softness is lost. Still, having a closer look would help you to differentiate easily between split leather and top grain leather.

Vinpelle can be used as a wonderful alternative to top grain leather as the color consistency, smoothness and feel are exactly like that of top grain leather. Vinpelle resembles top grain leather as it is added with PVC, PU, Cotton and Polyesters to split leather. This is a complex process and has been mastered by the Italian designers. The quality achieved by Italian designers in Vinpelle is of top grade and one gets the exact feel of top grain leather.

Technical Characteristics of Vinpelle: Test Methods used are ISO 1833 and/pr ISO 5088. Surface composition is approximately 60% PVC, 23% Leather, 11% PES, 4% COT and 2% PU. Bottom or split composition contains approximately 50% Leather, 26% COT and 24% PES. Note: Fabelli Group does not manufacture Vinpelle and all technical data is provided by Vinpelle suppliers. Fabelli Group cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the contents and manufacturing process of the actual product Vinpelle.


The term Similpelle was recently changed by Fabelli from “Ecopelle.” In Italian the word means “eco leather”, a term initially used to specify leather hides colored with plant based dyes. Leather described as Ecopelle had to be produced according to some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world. This eco-friendly leather was produced in an extremely wide range of eco-friendly colors, more eco-friendly colors than could be found almost anywhere else in the world. In addition it was 99% free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

But then people started recycling leather and recycled leather became known as eco leather. Before the public took notice, eco leather became combined with PVC, other products and many types of non-leathers, so these partial leathers started being called eco leather. Finally today no one really knows what eco leather is comprised of. The terms “ecology”, “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are often misused as just marketing ploys. Today the terms “eco leather” along with “bio-leather” are frequently used to market leather products, despite the fact that there is no longer any real definition of the term “eco leather”.

In our quest to be transparent, we changed the name from Ecopelle to Similpelle, a man-made product. However, it is very important to know that Similpelle is not a low-cost option for genuine leather but is a distinguished unrivaled resource which gives each bed its own unique character. In fact Italian Similpelle is an extremely high quality product, carrying a price tag approaching the same amount as real leather, and in some cases costing even more due to exotic and unique patterns, as well as the use for commercial applications.

We only use the type of Similpelle that has been manufactured and tested under the most stringent European regulations. This means that our Similpelle is a very high quality product, and even ideal for the kind of furniture that must be resistant to many liquids, which makes it perfect for the furniture used in health care settings. Our Similpelle is resistant to abrasions of 50,000 to 100,000 double rubs, is fire retardant for hospitality settings and IMO classified for cruise ships. We offer our Similpelle in very exotic and trendy finishes that are impossible to duplicate in genuine leather. Along with having very high standards and amazing diversity, our Similpelle is extremely long lasting and durable. The type of Similpelle we use has proven to be the ideal product for the beds we make and sell to furniture stores.

Similpelle can be configured into patterns and designs that are impossible using genuine leather. Although it is a synthetic product, unlike leather, Similpelle is of a very high quality and is unique in its ability to conform to many different uses. Its versatility, durability, long life cycle and ability to adapt to a wide range of applications and products make Similpelle among the most sought-after products of the 21st century.